Five underlying principles guide the what, why and how of our work.


All human beings have equal value, wherever they live and whatever their circumstances. In our work and relationships, we seek to honor the dignity of every person, expressed in their ability to exercise freedom and personal responsibility. Human dignity is nourished by creative, productive, meaningful work that provides for family and community.


Great gifts entail great responsibility. We are all investors, entrusted with valuable capabilities & assets - financial, social, and intellectual - and are responsible for their productive use. Mindful that we “can’t take it with us” we seek to be responsible stewards of the assets in our care, investing intentionally for the long-term prosperity of all.


We are motivated by the original meaning of equity as the social justice upon which peace and prosperity depend. Equity investment helps to align the incentives of all investors. We are committed to genuine partnership where we all have a stake in the successful outcome of our shared venture.


A thriving private sector is the only scalable, sustainable answer to poverty and its effects. Entrepreneurship is not primarily constrained by the lack of talent but by the lack of financial capital, networks and know-how. We invest to fuel locally-owned private enterprises that generate substantial benefits for investors, entrepreneurs, their customers and communities.


We live in a global village. In the long run, we suffer or prosper along with our neighbor who is no longer defined by close geographic proximity. Our action and inaction - individually and collectively - have global consequences. We work to connect investors, entrepreneurs and their communities in a way that maximizes mutual benefit.