Approach Overview

SpringHill targets venture capital investments in high-potential businesses serving the basic needs of low-income consumer markets in East Africa.

We back entrepreneurs with the character, competence and ambition to grow role-model enterprises - companies that are:

  • Creating unique value for low-income households through differentiated, innovative products and services
  • Generating a sustainable profit for owners commensurate with the risks taken by investing in them
  • Engaging and investing in their workers through training and education, safe working conditions, and high and rising salaries
  • Protecting the future by operating in ways that strengthen the community and environment.

We focus on high-capacity entrepreneurs with an innovative business model to profitably serve BoP consumer markets. We typically provide small amounts of capital to start with while the company iterates its business model. Once proven, we will invest additional capital to fuel the growth of the enterprise. We supplement our investment of financial capital with experienced managerial support, knowledge and networks to help portfolio companies achieve the potential we all see.