SpringHill targets both financial returns and social benefit with each investment:

  • Double-digit financial returns, net of all expenses and currency devaluation
  • Large-scale measurable social benefit for BoP consumers, workers and their communities

Financial Returns

We maximize financial returns and manage risk by:

  • Investing in businesses addressing large markets and satisfying proven demand rather than perceived needs
  • Backing entrepreneurs with the character, competence and ambition to innovate and grow a large, successful business in the right way
  • Deploying small amounts of capital according to milestones while iterating the business model
  • Investing larger sums only when the model is proven
  • Providing local and international support for management to execute the growth plan
  • Diversifying investments across countries and sectors
  • Investing only where we can add value beyond the financial capital invested

We structure our investments to protect decision rights and seek to agree exit terms and conditions where possible prior to making the investment.

Social Returns

SpringHill proactively screens for investment opportunities that generate significant measurable social impact by providing needed goods and services for the poor, creating jobs, augmenting wages and the tax base.  These are the “returns” that accrue to customers, workers, suppliers and their communities as a result of the investment.

These returns are no less important than the returns that accrue to investors of financial capital. So, while it is not always easy to measure and quantify social impact, we are committed to tracking, measuring and reporting what is directly attributable to the investment.