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Our personal and professional networks include a number of organizations with expertise and resources that can assist SpringHill’s work: 

Transformational Business Network

TBN is a network of more than 1,500 business leaders investing their skills, experience and finance to support micro, small, and medium enterprises in developing countries. Active TBN members currently support over 60 business projects that sustain more than 20,000 jobs in Africa, India, Eastern Europe & Asia.

S.E.VEN Fund

Social Equity Venture Fund is a non-profit organization that promotes and supports innovative enterprise solutions to poverty through research, networking and prizes. Seven is the originator and sponsor of the "Pioneers of Prosperity" awards for emerging entrepreneurs in the global south.

Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners

Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners works to enable innovative, scalable, and profitable enterprises to build prosperity. SpringHill has worked closely with ESPartners founder Eric Kacou over the past four years.

Monitor Group

Monitor is a leading global strategy consultancy and merchant bank advising companies, governments and non-profit organizations on strategy, organization and change. Monitor has long-established presence in South Africa and has recently published "Emerging Markets, Emerging Models: Market-Based Solutions to the Challenges of Global Poverty" - exploring business models tailored to the special circumstances of low-income markets.

John Templeton Foundation

The Templeton Foundation is a multi-billion dollar family philanthropy supporting research into "life's biggest questions." Among its grant programs, the foundation funds research into free enterprise-based solutions to poverty.

Jones Day

Jones Day is a premier global law firm with 30 offices worldwide and demonstrated commitment to public service. The firm provides international legal and tax counsel to SpringHill.